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Name:«« Reverse Polarity - A Star Trek TOS RP Comm
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Community description:A ST:TOS Roleplaying Community

"According to the Star Trek d6 RPG sourcebooks, reversing the polarity in different ways on the main deflector array can create a low power phaser, force someone out of warp, and allow you to basically do ANYTHING you could think of. The Main Deflector Array; Swiss Army Knife of the Federation." --

This is Reverse Polarity, a roleplaying community for Star Trek: The Original Series characters. We will have two concurrent "games", one for the series timeline and one for Reboot!verse. For the sake of fleshing out the cast, we will be accepting classic Trek characters as existing in the Reboot!verse.

These will be coming in more detail very soon, but for now we will make it simple for moving-in/cast-building purposes:

1. Yes, to get it out of the way, slash and any other iteration of relationships is permissible with correct notation. :)
2. Individual plotlines will be in the hands of the cast members, but community "event" plot points will be introduced by moderators in applicable posts.
3. We're gonna be a fun, welcoming community that isn't way too serious, so don't worry about getting every little detail right, and let's try to roll with it. Unless someone accidentally says Spock is half-Klingon, I think we can iron out canon kinks (heh heh, kinks).
4. Yeah, totally, porn it up if you want to. Don't if you don't want to. Discuss things with your mates to determine the direction ahead!
5. Uhh...have fun? :D

We'll have more soon, promise!

Guidelines and Formatting

FAQ for General Inquiries

Reserve an Available Character

Apply for Your Reserved Character

Scene Requests

[community profile] reversepolarity_ooc
OOC comm for the game

C L A S S I C:
Kirk: [personal profile] evolution
Spock: [personal profile] libelula
McCoy: [personal profile] cleo

R E B O O T:
Kirk: [personal profile] fnordine
Spock: [personal profile] willwrite_fortea
McCoy: [personal profile] reignsdown
Uhura: [personal profile] aedolon
Sulu: ~reserved~
Scotty: ~OPEN~
Chekov: [personal profile] athos
Gary Mitchell: [personal profile] slybrarian -- Character Bio
Gaila: [personal profile] skywaterblue

(other minor and/or non-crew roles such as Lyle, Sarek, Khan, Amanda, etc. may be applied for - please let us know at the player application)

FYI, this will be divided up into two separate lists when we have more moderators (if we ever need them :B). And hey, if you want to be on the shortlist for moderator duties if they crop up, please contact one of us below with a query!

Meri - [personal profile] evolution
Mari - [personal profile] libelula
Miri - [personal profile] cleo

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